MotorSport NZ Requirements

Before you go motor racing you need to comply with MotorSport New Zealand rules.

The first thing to do is to join a MotorSport New Zealand-affiliated car club, such as the Auckland Car Club or the Pukekohe Car Club. It is through these clubs that you need to obtain your racing licence.

Once you are a member and want to register your car with us, you can enquire here.

It’s important that you read and understand the MotorSport New Zealand requirements.These are set out in the MotorSport manual which you receive when you get your racing licence. They are also available on the MotorSport New Zealand website.

Below are a few points to bear in mind, however this is not a full listing of requirements.

It is worthwhile to familiarise yourself with everything in the manual.

Some particular points of interest are:

License application form [doc]

Medical aptitude form [doc]

Schedule A – Driver and Vehicle Safety [pdf]

Schedule H – Event Safety [pdf]